March 24nd-April 3rd 2018


The first day was a long day. I ate some food in the airplane. The second day I went to the park with my host family and their dogs. We watched TV. The third day I went to school by car. I made Easter cookies at home. The fourth day I went to laser tag. It was fun and I ran a lot. The fifth day we went to the zoo and I could see soft goats. The sixth day I went to Vancouver. I wasn’t scared of Capilano Bridge. The seventh day I watch a movie that was a mystery. I bought some shorts from Old Navy. The eighth day I made Easter eggs and went to Kohei’s homestay family’s house. The ninth day I bought many stuffed animals. The tenth day I took pictures with my homestay family. I like Canada because everyone was so kind.
First day I met my host mother at the airport, and I was nervous but she was nice to me. At host family’s house we watched many movies. Her food was delicious. At school, I studied English by playing games and talking with the teacher.
In Canada I got a friend called Rena. We talked about dreams, schools, club and many other things. I had a good time speaking English with her. I thought it is hard to tell my feelings not in Japanese. But speaking English is very fun. I want to study more English and go to Canada again. I had a very good experience.


Laser Tag was most fun in Canada. I can’t experience laser tag in Japan. I want to play this in Japan. So maybe I will buy a laser sword and I will play with my friends. I saw laser swords at Yamada Electronics Store. I bought many Canadian snacks. I gave them to 12 friends at school. I bought OREOs, candy rolls, chocolate eggs, Welch’s gummies and butter candies. Everyone said “They’re yummy!” so I was very happy. We played with “Monopoly Deal” and “Sushi Go”. They can’t read English but it was very fun. I gave coffee and maple tea to my parents. My father is drinking the coffee everyday. It makes the house smell good.


It was my first time to go abroad. So I was very excited before went to Canada. I couldn’t sleep a lot at the day before departure. On the second day, I got stomachache because of jet lag. I was very touched because my host mother made me Okayu. I was very happy. Then I became good. At school I couldn’t speak but lunch time a girl talked to me. Then I got to speak. I felt very happy. Then I walked around downtown with them, Noah and Lana. Downtown has many places to see. So it was very fun. On the fifth day after school, we went to a pet zoo. there were a lot of goats and peacocks. They were very cute. Then we went to the popular ice cream shop and I ate ice cream. It was very delicious.



The first thing I enjoyed with my host family was having cookies made with Ester Crafts. It was fun to work with and they were very cute. What I had the most fun with everyone is Vancouver trip. It was raining and shocking but enjoyed having a good time with everyone all day. And I was happy to be friends with everyone. It was a fun Canada tour! I hope to have fun with everyone again.

Departure at Itami Airport.

On the flight to Canada.

Arriving at Vancouver International Airport.

Arriving at Victorial International Airport.

Easter weekend.

First day in Victoria.