have been going to Rainbow since I was two years old. Teachers at Rainbow are kind, and they talk about a lot of things, which makes the lessons a lot of fun. Thanks to learning English, I was praised for my good pronunciation in class at school, and I never had any problems with listening tests. I thought it would be convenient to be able to speak English and ask questions in English when talking to foreigners at school events.
Homare's Mom
Homare has been going to RLC since  was 2 years old. In the beginning, I started sending him to preschool because I wanted time alone. Since he learned both languages without the barriers between Japanese and English, he was able to learn English in a slightly different way from the grammatical English learning that adults imagine. Being able to speak English has given my son confidence, and it has also triggered his interest in foreign cultures. Also, being in good at English has made in it easier for him in junior high school. The teachers and Japanese staff make RLC like a home, so they took care of him a lot and watched him grow together. For my son, Rainbow is more like a second home than a place for English study.


I started attending Rainbow when I was in elementary school. I spend a lot of time which is a treasure for me. I really enjoyed playing games, reading textbooks, and eating some snacks. I also liked chatting with my classmates from other schools. Knowing the new world from the others like teachers and friends was amazing for me, and some stories or moments that we had fun still cross my mind. These experiences encouraged me to think more broadly and supported me to continue challenging myself in an international environment. When I thought to go back to Rainbow before I entered university, I didn't realize that I could have such a wonderful time again. It was very interesting for me that watching this place from the current view was different compared to childhood. I saw many great points that I didn't see a decade ago and I especially liked the flexibility, for example, having an online class for my personal reason and respecting my opinion which I couldn't experience in other schools. I also noticed that speaking English is one of the best ways to improve my skill and what I liked about Rainbow is that students could enjoy studying a new language. Many things that I learned at Rainbow helped my English ability for my entire academic life and gave me confidence.


Kasumi started at RLC when she was 7 years old. When she was in junior high school, she did a homestay program in Alberta, Canada and Vladivostok, Russia. After she graduated from the English program at Senri High School, she left RLC, Japan & her mother who raised her, to study at Highline College in Washington State, USA for two years. September 2016, she moved to California to study Environmental Studies at University of California, Berkeley, regarded as one of the top 10 universities in the world. We are so proud of her!


Kasumiちゃんは、7歳のときからレインボーに通っていました。中学生のときにカナダのアルバータ州とロシアのウラジオストックでホームステイをしました。千里高校で英語プラグラムを卒業後、日本を去り、米国ワシントン州のHighline Collegeで2年間学びました。2016年9月には、世界でトップ10に入ると認識されているカリフォルニア大学で環境学を学ぶため、カリフォルニアへお引越しされました。とっても誇らしいです!






I’ve been learning English since I was two years old. At first I joined a parent & tot class. I could have exposure to English through the enjoyment of games and singing songs. When I was ten years old, my friends quit. Then, my mother told me to chose one of two ways. One way was to quit learning English. The other was to learn much harder. I chose the latter. And I changed my class to an afterschool class. English class students cannot usually join that an afterschool class because it is reserved for international preschool graduates who have had many hours of English study a week. I was lucky that I was given the chance to join. At first, my English level was too low to keep up with them. As I got used to the class and the increase from one hour a week to three hours a week of English, helped me to improve my English quickly. I also improved my communication skills.

When I was thirteen years old, I had a homestay in Canada. Thanks to the many years at Rainbow, I could talk to my host family and people there. I could make a lot of friends there and had a lot of fun. When I entered junior high school, I felt English class at school was easy. My listening score was exceptionally higher than that of students who studied at a cram school. When I entered a cram school in August in the third year of junior high school, my teacher was surprised because I could understand English naturally. I never went to cram school before that. My English was also an advantage in my entrance exams. I was able to enter a special department in Tennoji High School. In high school, I hosted a Harvard University student in a our school program. Also, this year I was one of five students chosen in my high school to go to Australia for two weeks. In the interview, communication in English was very useful.Through learning English, my world was surely spread. I thank my mother who took me to Rainbow for many years. I'm a really lucky person that I could meet Jay and Melinda.